Thursday, 7 January 2016

Saving Water

Saving Water
One easy way to save water if you have an older WC cistern that flushes nine litres or more is to add a brick or half brick, which ever will fit best. The flush will be reduced by the volume of water displaced by the brick. You should place the brick so that it does not impair the movement of the ball valve float. Newer cisterns only flush six litres of water so adding a brick or other water saving device is not worthwhile and may cause you to use even more water, with repeated flushing necessary but many have dual flush buttons ;small button reduced flush; large button full flush.
I don’t recommend the use of plastic bags filled with water as an alternative to a brick as these will leak and you will end up with plastic stuck in the syphon. Plastic bags where used during the drought of 1976, we spent months afterwards extracting them from the innards of WC cisterns.

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